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Our Services

Custom Software

We provide a full range of cost effective custom software and data management and reporting solutions for small to medium sized organizations. Whether it's off-the-shelf or custom software, we'll find the most effective yet cost-effective solution that answers your needs, and fits with your business paradigm and your budget.

We will team up with you from initial meeting through design, development, and delivery, thoroughly learning the nuances of your business processes to provide your ideal solution. We'll follow through with a comprehensive hand-off and transition period, and whatever level of continuing maintenance and support you require.

Website Development

Whether it's an intranet or a public site, a basic business site or a fully secured e-commerce solution integrated with your ERP system, we provide you with affordable design and development of your web presence. Your web site is an important communication tool of your corporate identity, and must be tailored to your customer base and your business model, providing an effective user experience with maximum stickiness and search engine optimization (SEO).

Our services include design and development of custom web sites; web applications; portals and e-commerce sites; content management systems; and custom business applications. We also provide ongoing website maintenance, SEO, and hosting services.

System Integration

Maybe you have manual tasks and data entry processes you want automated. Perhaps you need to extend the life of a legacy system. Or you might be negotiating a new account agreement with automated data transfer requirements. System Integration addresses all of these and more. It automates interactions between your component systems, enabling collaboration in your business and with your business partners.

In today's ever more connected world, system integration is key to your IT and business strategy, whether for legacy systems, recent implementations, or long-term plans. System integration can take discrete, disparate applications or functions within organizations or between them and automate secure, digital communication links.

Put us to work inter-connecting your back or front office applications, or automating data transfers within your organization or with clients or business partners next door or across the world. It will enhance your business in ways you've wished for, and in ways you have yet to imagine.

Project Management

From your in-house projects to out-sourced development, we provide experienced software project management services. Our efforts are devoted to realizing your complete satisfaction while effectively managing your project's cost, time, and quality.

Superior project management is a science and an art. With experience as our best teacher, we've celebrated the success of well-managed projects and suffered through poorly managed ones. Whether we join your project at its outset or you hire us for project rescue, we will represent your interests, learn your business, and establish clear and attainable project objectives. We will require your full commitment and participation as integral members of our project team. We utilize our network of North American and international resources, outsourcing to trusted partners as warranted and cost-effective for the project and client.

Data Migration

We offer experienced data migration and conversion services for data re-purposing or system upgrades and merges. The fact is that sooner or later you'll outgrow your software systems. Your organization depends on the integrity of your data. When you do need to upgrade or merge data systems, you need to ensure your data integrity is safeguarded through the process.

Often once you go live with a data migration, you don't get a second chance to do it the right way. We will manage that risk for you. First we establish a thorough set of mapping and business rules. We find the cost-effective balance of automation and manual process, combining data cleaning as needed to improve your data's integrity. We extract, transform, and load with a strong focus on testing and validation metrics to ensure the integrity and quality of your data in the new system. We utilize parallel processing when prudent and feasible, and will not flip the switch on your new system until all parties are satisfied the data is good.

Technical Writing

Let us author your technical documents. We write high quality user guides, instructional materials, and online help files at competitive rates. Let's face it – not everyone can be (or wants to be) a geek, but whether you're enlightening a techie or a non-techie, sometimes you just need to put things in plain English.

Hire us to explain technology to both your technical and nontechnical readers. To begin, we will need to clearly understand the purposes and goals of your technical document, and the audience for which the document is written. Those goals will become the document's central themes; and understanding your audience will enable us to write a much more effective document. Then expose us to your subject matter experts and we'll document your technical content clearly and concisely (see Copy Editing). We will present useful information for your target readership that is clear and understandable, avoiding jargon and explaining essential technical terms clearly.

Copy Editing

Your public facing documents communicate your business identity, and they need to be spot-on. Hire us to edit your web content or print copy for punctuation, grammar, usage, and readability. Do you know what you want to say but you're struggling with how to say it? Let us be your wordsmiths. If you've ever experienced a blooper reaching the public eye, you know that as authors of our own material, we can become so focused on our thoughts that we misperceive what we've written on the page. Avoid the typos, grammatical errors, and torturous articulation. Hire us to be your unbiased second opinion.

For web and print media, we offer different service levels to meet your budget and needs, from light editing of punctuation, grammar, and usage, to essential editing for clarity, flow, balance, and readability. We are thorough and at our premium service level, we produce error-free text that is clear, concise, readable, and geared to your target audience. You'll shine, and we won't tell a soul how it happened!

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